Would you like to have a research report on time, with quality and to an affordable price – please contact me. I do small scale research in areas where there often is little or no documented knowledge or are difficult to carry out. What distinguishes me is that I find new approaches to what should be investigated and has wide experience and knowledge of writing reports and delivering them on time.


I have broad experience and knowledge of writing books, reports and articles. The latest deals on Sexuality in social work.


Were referred to in the article “Psychometrics of the students´ attitudes towards addressing sexual health scale for students in social work” in Social Work Education, March 2019.

“In Sweden, the issue of sexuality and social work has only recently been brought to the fore, noticeably by the recent publication of one of the first text books in Swedish (e.g. Knutagård,2016) focusing on sexual matters in relation to social work practice. This change in social work in the Swedish context could be seen in relation to Shepard et al. (2014) who have studied sexuality-focused scholarship and social work in the form of books, journals, and conferences, finding ‘no text books on human sexuality published for social work educators’(p. 419) in the USA, and a current lack of journals on human sexuality ‘written by and for social workers’(p. 418). The presented lack of literature in the field of sexuality education for social workers may leave social work scholars unprepared in the subfield of human sexuality insufficiently. Thus, it is important to enable the inclusion of sexual health and well-being in social work practice and education and to ensure that future social workers are able to address the topic with knowledge and confidence (Lee et al.,2017).”


Once more I have participated in an international research about honour-based violence covering Belgium, Germany and Sweden conducted by Dr. Benedicta Deogratias, Maastricht University for the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

VWS rapport – De eer gekeerd (jun.) and the English summary